Information about bus connections between Prague and Linz. Route, schedules and how to book and buy tickets online.

If you decide to travel between Prague and Linz by regular bus, we recommend regular express transportation company WESTBUS, which provides transportation throughout Europe.

Westbus GmbH Prague Florenc 09:50 České Budějovice 11:45
Westbus GmbH České Budějovice 12:00 Linz Hauptbahnhof 13:45
* the timetable is valid for
Westbus GmbH Prague Florenc 15:50 České Budějovice 17:45
Westbus GmbH České Budějovice 18:00 Linz Hauptbahnhof 19:45
* the timetable is valid for

Westbus GmbH Linz Hauptbahnhof 09:20 České Budějovice 10:45
Westbus GmbH České Budějovice 11:00 Prague Florenc 13:10
* the timetable is valid for
Westbus GmbH České Budějovice Linz Hauptbahnhof 16:20 17:45
Westbus GmbH České Budějovice 18:00 Prague Florenc 20:10
* the timetable is valid for

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Main focus of the new company is to offer very attractive city connections via bus – on a high comfort level for the passengers and with best possible connections to the timetable of the WESTbahn.

All Westbus luxury coaches offer you convience which you might never have experienced at this price – the seats are most comfortable, on each coach there is a vending machine for cold drinks and – as we believe that a free internet access is something equal to basic rights – you will always have our WESTlan free for you. Of course a power supply is always in reach of your seat – for your mobile device, smartphone, laptop – whatever.


  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Seat belts
  • Hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Watching movies
  • WC


  • Free of charge: 1 hand luggage 15×35×35cm + 1 luggage up to 30kg (60 pounds) 20×60×80cm
  • Bicycle transport is allowed only if there is enough space (must be well packed)


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Prague ↔ Linz: Transport between Prague and Linz by Westbus bus. But also by international train and private taxi.